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Podcast – Media Says Elections Are Dangerous For Democracy – Friday, Aug. 25 Hour 2

Leftists in the media don’t want you to vote because you keep doing it wrong or something. Dark triad personality types are epidemic in our media and politics. Tennessee lawmaker commits insurrection with a mob while talking about getting rid…

Podcast – Oliver Anthony’s Second Hit Song, Dems Lie About Late-Term Abortions – Friday, Aug. 25 Hour 1

Oliver Anthony has another hit song as the singer takes the country by storm. More tragic Maui updates as we learn the government botched everything. Jen Psaki says no Democrat supports late-term abortions and gets ratioed with facts by everyone…

Podcast – Maui Tragedy Was Caused By Climate Alarmist Policies And Leftist Ineptness

Here’s what we’ve learned so far about the tragedy in Maui and the complete lack of concern and compassion from local elected officials and how climate policies led to the death and destruction.   See for privacy information.

Podcast – An Illegal Secret Chinese Biolab In California?

Full show from Monday, July 31 Daily Show Prep: Monday, July 31   Hour 1Deadly Pathogens Were Being Kept in Illegal US Lab, Test Animals Found to Have Disturbing Genetic Alteration Officials bust illegal lab containing 20 infectious agents, hundreds…

Podcast – Interview: Rep. Jim Banks

Rep. Banks (IN-3) is running for Senate. He joins us to discuss Biden’s corruption, why we should impeach Biden, veteran issues, and his Senate campaign. See for privacy information.

Podcast – Tuesday Tithe With Pastor Lucas Miles – Tues, July 18

Pastor Lucas Miles joins us to discuss ‘Sound of Freedom’ and the powerful message its success sends to Hollywood.   See for privacy information.

Podcast – Reporter Attacking ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Advocates For Pedophiles

Tuesday, July 18, 2023   Hour 1‘Bad Joke’: Soldier Detained In North Korea Ran Across Border Laughing After Escaping From Escort, Witness Says Paging Mayor Pete: Train Carrying Hazardous Materials Derails in Pennsylvania Biden Approves Another $1.3 BILLION to Ukraine…

Podcast – Tucker Carlson Let’s Mike Pence End His Political Career

Monday, July 17, 2023   Hour 1Breaking down Tucker Carlson destroying the old Republican party. Carlson Hilariously Mocks Pence as ‘5-Yr-Old’ After ‘RINO’ Smackdown   Hour 2Local Indian tribes are now squabbling over who should get the “stolen land” at…

Podcast – Interview: Curtis Hill Is Running For Governor Of Indiana

GOP gubernatorial candidate for Indiana governor Curtis Hill joins us. See for privacy information.

Podcast – Hysterical Parody About Life After Roe v. Wade Gets Overturned

It’s been a year and they don’t know what they will do. How will they live? See for privacy information.

Podcast – LaPorte Hospital Scandal Update

LaPorte city officials and the LaPorte Hospital continue to enrage the community they betrayed. See for privacy information.

Podcast – Biden Wants To Censor You At The Request Of Ukraine – Tuesday, July 11

Hour 1Zelenskyy outraged after Biden rejects Ukraine’s NATO membership: ‘unprecedented and absurd’ How many Russians have died in Ukraine? Data shows what Moscow hides Bishop for Church of England Says Lord’s Prayer is Problematic Lucas Miles talks exposing threat of…