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Study: COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Myocarditis, Particularly In Kids And Young Adults

#ToldYa This is one of several recent studies to show the same. COVID-19 vaccination is strongly associated with a serious adverse safety signal of myocarditis, particularly in children and young adults resulting in hospitalization and death. Further investigation into the…

Watch: Another COVID ‘Conspiracy’ Comes True

If the ‘experts’ had listened to people like me in March of 2020, millions could still be alive.

Now they admit that to be true.

What’s Causing The Epidemic Of Liver Infections In Children?

The WHO and CDC are warning everyone about a surge in liver infections among children. They say the cause is ‘unknown.’ Only … it isn’t unknown. We’ve known about it for at least a year now. FYI, October 2021 is…

That Time The CDC Fabricated A Pandemic That Wasn’t Real – The Swine Flu Fraud of ’76 – 60 Minutes

In 1976, the CDC invented a fake pandemic. They used fear, media stories, and celebrities to promote injecting experimental vaccines into people. Thousands suffered negative side effects of those vaccines. The CDC claimed they weren’t made aware of any negative…

New York Times And NIH Admit These ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Are Actually True

They keep taking their sweet time but they do keep admitting that those big evil ‘conspiracy theories’ are actually true. People are starting to see that government officials and the media have been lying to them.


New Study: Moderna Vaccine Is 4 Times More Likely to Cause Dangerous Side Effect

A new Danish study looked into the cardiovascular side effects of the Moderna vaccine, following several reports of myocarditis. SOURCE


Michigan says school COVID transmission is becoming ‘similar’ regardless of mask rules

Case numbers diverged earlier in the year before narrowing over the past month. SOURCE

The Atlantic Takes CDC to Task for Touting ‘Profoundly Misleading’ Study to Support School Masking

The Atlantic called out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for some of the data it relied upon to  push its case for masking in schools, arguing the agency’s SOURCE