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Study: COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Myocarditis, Particularly In Kids And Young Adults

#ToldYa This is one of several recent studies to show the same. COVID-19 vaccination is strongly associated with a serious adverse safety signal of myocarditis, particularly in children and young adults resulting in hospitalization and death. Further investigation into the…

Goshen Democrats’ Dirty Little Strategy

He asked me if I would follow him as mayor, I said, by the time you’re done being mayor, Republicans will be so sick of Democrats in Goshen no Democrat could get elected. Alan Kauffman – Former Mayor – Goshen,…

Journalists Reveal True Self to Undercover James O’Keefe at Trump Arraignment

James O’Keefe was on the ground in NYC as a parade of journalists descended upon the city to cover the arraignment of former President Trump. Unbeknownst to members of the legacy media, O’Keefe was there to investigate them as his…

What The Melting Snake Teaches Us About Propaganda

Casey tells the story of the ‘Melting Snake’ from when he was a kid. Is it real? Is he crazy? So what can ‘the melting snake’ teach us about the media and propaganda?

Viral Song ‘Trump Won’ Goes Viral – Hear It Now

Natasha Owens is an award-winning Christian music artist who’s performed with superstars from Michael W. Smith to Toby Keith. Her new album is called “American Patriot,” and the first single is “Stand For Life.” Check it out here:

No, Joe Biden Didn’t Support Gay Marriage In High School

Former Vice President Joe Biden sat down with an interview for The Daily Show with Kal Penn. During that interview, he claimed he saw two men openly kiss each other when he was in high school as his dad dropped…

Paul Pelosi 911 Call Released

I published the bodycam video of the attack and arrest earlier and now here’s the 911 call Paul Pelosi placed. He seems to be trying to convey the danger to 911 while on speaker. It takes her a while to…

Watch: Paul Pelosi Bodycam Video Released

Took them long enough to release this but it’s pretty clear-cut what happened.

Anti-War Liberals Have Infected The Right And Are Gaslighting About Iraq WMDs

People are gaslighting history and using this old lie to dunk on Bush and globalists and it’s wrong.

Laguna Woods Mass Shooter Is Anti-Taiwanese Bigot

The other mass shooting the media is ignoring because of the optics. David Chou, 68, is an immigrant from China who had “a grievance between himself and the Taiwanese community.” This means Chou is a Winnie The Flu (Xi Jingping)…

General Flynn FINALLY Files Lawsuit Over Russia Hoax

It’s about time. They, literally, fabricated a story about him and falsified evidence to support their lie that was based on another proven lie.

Watch: The Show My Audience Says You Need To See

I did this early show on May, 9, 2022. I didn’t realize it at the time but it struck a chord with my audience. Many people who saw it have promoted it and have touted it as a must see….