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That Time The CDC Fabricated A Pandemic That Wasn’t Real – The Swine Flu Fraud of ’76 – 60 Minutes

In 1976, the CDC invented a fake pandemic.

They used fear, media stories, and celebrities to promote injecting experimental vaccines into people. Thousands suffered negative side effects of those vaccines.

The CDC claimed they weren’t made aware of any negative side effect risks, but as you will see in the 60 Minutes segment, they lied.

I’ve covered this story on my show several times. I’ve gone viral on TikTok telling people about it. I’ve been censored for that.

The video I used for this story was deleted by YouTube as they try and censor this very real news story from 1978. Presumably, they are taking it down because of how it might affect people’s opinions about the current pandemic.

I have seen a few versions of this on Rumble but I wanted to make sure I had a copy on my video channels for all of you. I can’t control if others will take the video down from their channels but I won’t take it down from mine.

Here you go, enjoy.

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