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Daily Show Prep: Monday, Sept. 19

Hour 1

FLASHBACK: The Same Woman Behind This TikTok Lie Was Behind Democrats Creating Fake Newspapers To Push DNC Talking Points During The 2020 Election

More Jan 6 people convicted of “parading”

Hour 2

Interview: PHM school board candidate Matt Chaffee has had people who publicly support him get threatened. Even told they could lose their jobs at PHM if they publicly endorse his campaign.

With the pandemic officially over, now it’s time to end all vaccine mandates and any other stupid made up rules

Democrats are STILL out here firing people for not getting the jab. NYC is axing 850 more teachers and aides for not getting the Covid vaccine!

Scientists say most people can now treat COVID basically like the seasonal flu, just in case you haven’t been doing that already for 2.5 years

EXCLUSIVE: US Pandemic Committee Hasn’t Worked During COVID-19 Pandemic

Hour 3

Fibrous Clots, Foreign Matter in Blood After COVID Jabs: Is There a Way to Detox?

FLASHBACK: Moderna recalls thousands of COVID vaccine doses in Europe

NEJM study confirms that covid jabs destroy natural immunity

Unvaccinated Air Force Officers Grounded Despite Court Order: Former Space Force Lt. Colonel

Unvaccinated Navy Officer Restricted From Official Travel, Forced to Live Away from Husband for 1.5 Years

The U.S. Army says they will consider requests from soldiers who want to avoid serving in states where abortion is illegal