September 18, 2019

Oregon Mother: I Was Targeted With a Fake Report to Child Protective Services Due to my Pro-Life Beliefs

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Oregon mother Heather Hobbs believes she was targeted with a politically motivated report to Child Protective Services (CPS) due to her pro-life beliefs.

Hobbs, a pro-life advocate who spoke at a recent pro-Trump rally, was targeted with a CPS report that she says was politically motivated.

On Aug. 26, Hobbs went into OHSU Hospital in Portland for thyroid surgery. She said that two days later she encountered a nurse who objected to her beliefs.

“My oldest child came up to me to give me a hug in the bed. She said, ‘Mommy I love you! I want to be a prolife speaker one day too.’ I expressed that I loved her as well and said, ‘I thought you wanted to be an OBGYN?. She said, ‘” I want to be both!’” I replied, ‘We could always use more prolife doctors.’ During this time my husband was watching a Ben Shapiro video on his phone while my other children watched a cartoon and the youngest was nursing (age 18 months),” Hobbs told The Epoch Times.

“Nurse C turned to me and said with an annoyed tone: ‘So you’re prolife?’ I smiled and gently said ‘I am now but wasn’t always. I was raised in a more liberal atheist prochoice home, but it wasn’t until my first child that I ever had to really contemplate my beliefs. She changed my heart, and every child after changed me a bit more. I believe abortion hurts women.’

For the rest of the day this nurse was cold, rude, and pushed the medications quickly through my IV, which was very painful, and prior to that incident, she did it slowly. I ultimately decided to pray for her that she will see the love and happiness we have as a conservative pro-life family and maybe, just maybe, it would plant a mustard seed,” Hobbs said.

Hobbs said that she also discussed President Trump with a different nurse at the hospital and gave her information about the pro-Trump #WalkAway campaign. But on Aug. 30, in a phone conversation with an employee at the hotel where her family was staying, Hobbs was confronted with alarming news, as she learned a complaint had been filed against her with CPS.

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