June 13, 2024

Daily Show Prep: Thursday, June 13

Hour 1

Multiple Democrats Arrested, Charged for Unlawful Possession of Absentee Ballots During Election

BREAKING: Biden’s Ghostwriter Admits Deleting Evidence BECAUSE of Special Counsel Investigation.

Hour 2

Interview: Donald Rainwater is running for governor of Indiana as the Libertarian candidate

DOJ memo says Garland cannot be prosecuted for contempt over Biden-Hur audio

Hour 3

Indiana’s GOP-Run Government Is Paying A Contractor For ‘Pipeline’ Of Communist Chinese Businesses

IEDC nabs approval to ‘repurpose’ $88M for LEAP, fill ‘holes’ in land ownership

BREAKING: Feds Fomented Plot to Shoot up ‘Bad Bunny’ Concert and Spark Race War


Daily Show Prep: Thursday, July 11

Daily Show Prep: Thursday, July 11

Hour 1 What is Project 2025 and why are Democrats all lying about it? And BOOM: Project 2025 Account OWNS Lyin' Biden With Receipt-Filled Post Debunking Every LIE He's Spewed https://twitter.com/Prjct2025/status/1810735701308195326 Hour 2 Indiana receives nearly $900...

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Daily Show Prep: Wednesday, July 10

Daily Show Prep: Wednesday, July 10

Hour 1 Analysis: Electoral College Ratings Shift Trump’s Way Big Time Person in Colorado infected with bubonic plague. Here's what to know. Armed Guards Protect Sonia Sotomayor Although She Rejected the People’s ‘Private Right of Armed Self-Defense’ Coffee a 'miracle'...

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