March 28, 2024

Daily Show Prep: Thursday, March 28

Hour 1

Casey talks about current political infighting because no one listens to him before a primary season.

Indiana education officials propose new high school diplomas for students

SUB PAR ‘I will never submit,’ shopper cries after major grocery chain CEO rolled out new ‘intrusive’ way to check your receipt

Hour 2

Casey solves the Indiana timezone debate

BREAKING NEWS: Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry in hospice care following cancer diagnosis

Pennsylvania: Court Rules in Favor of Signature Verification for Mail-In Voting

US changes how it categorizes people by race and ethnicity; first revision in 27 years

Stores pull Cadbury “Gesture Eggs” promo after some genius removed the word “Easter” and caused public outcry

Hour 3

Palisades nuclear plant gets $1.5B federal loan in bid to reopen, a national first

There Was Very Little Pete Buttigieg Was Able to Tell Us About Bridge Collapse

If It Ain’t Woke, Don’t Fix It: Biden Urged To Use Baltimore Bridge Rebuild For Race Reparations

Leader of Princeton’s “queer alumni club” arrested on charges of child pornography

Biden To Visit NYC For Record-Shattering Celeb Fundraiser Same Day Trump Honors Fallen Cop

Governor Holcomb Issues Executive Order to Prepare for Solar Eclipse

It’s Official: Nobody Wants to Read About President Zero


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