March 22, 2024

Daily Show Prep: Friday, March 22

Hour 1

BREAKING: Unknown number killed in terror attack on Moscow concert hall

1 of the Few Remaining Survivors of the Attack on Pearl Harbor Has Died at 102

Kate Middleton reveals she has cancer, undergoing preventative chemotherapy

NBC News Hires Former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel

Candace Owens Is Out at Daily Wire, CEO Says

Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher will resign early, leaving House majority hanging by a thread

BREAKING: New York AG moves to seize Trump’s Westchester golf course

FDA agrees to remove social media posts and webpages which urged people not to take Ivermectin to treat Covid

The responses to this are amazing 😂

Hour 2

Chinese Humanoid Robot Defeats Speed Record, See The Machine In Action

Massive robotic arm 3D prints 27-ft-high two-story house in a first


Chicago Sues Glock Over 3D-Printable Machine Gun Converter

Google’s Gmail censorship cost GOP candidates $2B since 2019, Republicans say, citing new study

Why did Wikipedia delete this part of the 1966 strategy to tank a nation that’s getting lots of chatter online? 🤔

Hour 3

House GOP Probing ‘Loose-Knit Network’ Conspiring to Stop Trump

Secretaries Of State Won’t Explain ‘Coordinated’ Effort To Fight ‘Common Adversary’ In 2024

Susan Rice Sounds The Alarm On How Donald Trump’s Debts Could Risk U.S. Security

House Dems could have Johnson’s back on ouster threat — if Ukraine aid gets a vote

Schumer rejects Netanyahu’s request to address Senate days after blistering speech about Israeli leader

Detroit ‘teacher of the month’ claims she was fired over parent’s complaint about rapping side hustle — then films music video with students

EXCLUSIVEI was threatened by the January 6 committee into staying silent, Trump’s acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller claims


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