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Podcast – Pedophile Apologist Says Child Porn Is A Victimless Crime – Friday, Aug. 25 Hour 3
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Daily Show Prep: Thursday, Feb. 8

Hour 1

FLASHBACK: FBI director: Hillary broke the law, but she won’t be prosecuted for it

TODAY: Special counsel won’t charge Biden for his handling of classified docs, despite evidence he ‘willfully retained’ materials

But they’ll charge Trump when he had the legal authority to possess those documents.

Hour 2

An Indiana senator tweeted four words about the ‘dead’ border bill. It didn’t go over well

Biden Accidentally Proves He CAN Secure the Border Threatening to Make it Worse if Repubs Don’t Cooperate

Jennifer Van Laar OWNS Talking Heads Trying to Take Credit for Ronna McDaniels in Straight-FIRE Thread

WATCH: Biological Males Dominate Womenโ€™s College Volleyball Game While The Girls Get To Sit On The Bench

Welp, looks like journalism is illegal in Europe. Come read the details on this one.

Hour 3

Interview: Rep. Jim Banks

Justin Trudeau on opposition leader Pierre Poilievre: “What he is proposing to do is to make Canada great again; that is not what Canadians want” ๐Ÿค”

Canada: NDP-Proposed Speech Law Calls to Jail Those That Praise Fossil Fuels

Why do you think a Kentucky judge gave no jail time to a transgender daycare worker who sexually abused a baby?

Nikki Haley Fumes Over Nevada Primary Loss, Says Trump ‘Rigged’ the Election