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Daily Show Prep: Monday, Feb. 5

Hour 1

House Leadership Declares Senate’s Border Bill ‘Dead on Arrival’ Amid Bipartisan Criticism

Trump says border deal is a ‘death wish’ for GOP

Blue State Doled Out Over $330 Million From COVID Funds To Illegal Immigrants

Let’s dive into this $118-billion flaming piece of garbage they call a bipartisan “border security” bill

Hour 2

Disney partners with Kleenex to make tissues gay

Ukraine-Russia war latest: Tucker Carlson was at Putin’s office, state media suggests as interview rumours swirl

Exclusive — Trump Campaign Tells Indiana Democrat John Rust to ‘Cease and Desist’ Using Trump’s Likeness in Ad Meant to ‘Deceive Voters’

Insider: Big Pharma Buys TV Ads to Own the News, Not Sell Meds

Hour 3

Fort Wayne businesses react to possibility of ‘Happy Hours’ returning to Indiana

Tracy Beanz Breaks Down SHOCKING Highlights from Florida Grand Jury COVID Accountability Report