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Daily Show Prep: Monday, Feb. 12

Hour 1

Biden Joins TikTok Platform He Recognized as National Security Threat

Our local story went national.

Indiana Police Investigate Apparent Election Fraud In County With History Of Democrat Ballot Crimes

FLASHBACK: Former Democratic chairman Morgan, co-defendant Blythe convicted in petition forgery trial

Hour 2

Newsom Sued By A Former Jewish General For Allegedly Engaging In Anti-Semitic Behavior

Trump ‘did not engage in insurrection’ on Jan. 6, new U.S. House resolution claims

Longtime Trump Critic Apologizes, Admits Media Lied About ‘Very Fine People’ Hoax

Nevada jury awards $130m to 5 people who suffered liver damage after they drank bottled water that was sold as ‘alkalized’ and detoxifying

Indiana high court weighs Senate hopeful’s challenge to limit on who can seek party nominations

Hour 3

Michigan lawmaker stripped of committee post, staff after sharing Jack Posobiec meme about the replacement of white people

If It Weren’t for Double Standards…

Explainer: DOJ Uses KKK-Era Charge to Extend Prison Time for Pro-Life Activists

In Daring Operation, IDF Rescues Two Hostages Held By Hamas In Rafah

His Best Friend Was a 250-Pound Warthog. One Day, It Decided to Kill Him.