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Daily Show Prep: Tuesday, Nov. 14

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Hour 1

Real Life?! Rep. Tim Burchett Claims Kevin McCarthy Kidney-Punched Him After GOP Conference Mtg (Watch)

Richmond’s Slavery Monument: a Black Man with Dreds & Hoodie

Interview: PHM board member Matt Chaffee on the board abusing parents and staff.

Hour 2

Tuesday Tithe with Pastor Lucas Miles

CNN wants you to know what a ‘real’ Christian is everybody.

There’s another Christian movement that’s changing our politics. It has nothing to do with whiteness or nationalism

Ben Shapiro Labels Candace Owens ‘Disgraceful’ for Taking an America First Position on Israel-Gaza War

Candace Owens Dragged for Subtweeting Ben Shapiro After He Called Her Out for ‘Disgraceful’ Antisemitism

Dr. Strangetweet So Completely OWNS Economist Insisting ‘Americans Are Better Off’ in Thread She Deletes

Shock: Records Show Adam Schiff Financed $1.7 Million Maryland Home As ‘Principal Residence’

Hour 3

22 toddlers made sick by consuming high levels of lead in recalled fruit pouches, CDC says

Can’t make it up! Hunter Biden will be teaching a course on “Fake News” at Tulane University

Bait-and-switch budgeting is back, baby!

These 8 Republicans voted against Rep Greene’s Mayorkas impeachment push: ‘Not a high crime or misdemeanor’

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