November 16, 2023

Daily Show Prep: Thursday, Nov. 16

Hour 1

I disagree with Tony here. Tucker and Candace did a great job explaining their position and, frankly, they are correct.

Sen. Roger Marshall Explains Why He Believes Democrats Blocked Israel Aid Package

Ok, but Israel is one of the 38 richest nations in the world. Do they need our charity? Happy to sell them pretty much anything and fulfill the reciprocal research agreement we have with them, but do they need free stuff?

Hour 2

Ex-Officer Derek Chauvin cites new evidence in attempt to overturn George Floyd murder conviction

Sheesh, ANOTHER white lady pretending to be Native American? How many is it now?

Please enjoy this clip of Ramaswamy absolutely destroying a CNN host who tried to bait him into a question about Donald Trump’s rhetoric

BREAKING: Judge Issues Huge Decision On Georgia Voting Machines

How Do They Explain This? Video Shows 386,151 Votes REMOVED from GOP Supreme Court Candidate’s Totals in PA Where She Ended Up Losing by 207,237 (Video)

Hour 3

Report: DOJ Asked Court To Hide Surveillance of Congressional Investigators

Corporate media is OUTRAGED that Mike Johnson understands the real meaning behind “separation of Church and State” 😂

US Senator Markwayne Mullin unrepentant about challenging teamster boss during hearing

Violent Pro-Palestinian ‘Protest’ Spurs Evacuations At Democrats’ D.C. Headquarters: Police



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