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Daily Show Prep: Thurs, Oct. 12

Hour 1

‘Not sending their best … ‘ John Fetterman’s self-own on Colbert FUNNIEST self-own we’ve seen (watch)

Israel kibbutz the scene of a Hamas “massacre,” first responders say: “The depravity of it is haunting”

GOP Rep. Mills: I Had to Help Get Americans out of Israel Because Biden Won’t Do His Job

Hour 2

Wash. Post Firing 240 Employees, Expected to Lose $100M This Year

Leftist ‘Victim’ Josh Kruger Allegedly Raped, Drugged & Blackmailed His Teen Killer

White House and Qatar Freeze Infamous $6 Billion to Iran, Leave Major Questions

BREAKING: Congressman Steve Scalise Doesn’t Have the Votes for Speaker; Jim Jordan Expected to Step In

The Left is still saying Matthew Shepard was killed for being gay instead being a meth head who got beat senseless by an ex-lover over a drug shipment 😑

Hour 3

Hamas terrorist sent mom video of son, girlfriend’s murder after music fest massacre, TV star says

White House knew Biden had his own document problem before siccing FBI on Trump, new timeline shows