October 23, 2023

Daily Show Prep: Monday, Oct. 23

Hour 1

NYT’s Goldberg: ‘Understandable’ Why People Blamed Israel for Hospital, Israel Damaged Its Credibility

Off-duty pilot charged with 83 counts of attempted murder for allegedly trying to shut off engines on Alaska Airlines flight

50 Cent Tells Joe Biden to ‘Get the F**k Up’ from Beach Vacation Amid Israel Turmoil

FLASHBACK: Chelsea Handler bullied 50 Cent into renouncing his support for Trump

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Americans Are Burning Through Savings To Keep Biden’s Economy Afloat, Experts Say

Hour 2

Southern Poverty Law Center says “anti-Blackness” killed man who CHOKED A COP while yelling “YEAH B****!” after driving 100 mph 🤡

Dem Election Clerk Admits she Wasn’t Following Mail-In-Ballot Laws

Hour 3

September home sales drop to the lowest level since the foreclosure crisis

15 U.S. House Members, 5 Senators Won’t Seek Reelection in 2024

Nine Republicans Formally Vie for Speakership, Some Gearing Up for Future Rounds

Byron Donalds Gains in Speaker Race, Vows to Release J6 Tapes

Whitmer Kidnap Inmates Prevented from Talking to Lawyers or Accessing Court Records

Affordable Care Act provisions codified under Michigan law by Gov. Whitmer as a hedge against repeal

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Israel removes Greta Thunberg from school curriculum over anti-Israel post.

‘F*** JEWS:’ Antisemites Vandalize the Office of Bari Weiss’s Media Outlet.


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