September 20, 2023

Daily Show Prep: Wed, Sept. 20

Hour 1

Louisiana trucker wins right to display flag saying, ‘F* Biden and f* you for voting for him,’ after town tries to stop him

UAW Union Rejects 21% Pay Hike, Demands 4 Day Work Week

UAW Strike Expands to 4th Plant, in Alabama

Forget Subway’s Tunagate … It’s time for Starbuck’s Fruitgate! New lawsuit says chain’s fruit drinks lack fruit.

Joe Biden uses executive powers to bypass the House and Constitution, launches the AMERICAN CLIMATE CORPS

Zelensky Lectures The World About Climate Change, Tries New Tactic For Increased Aid

New Mexico State Republicans Are Moving Forward With Their Plan to Impeach Governor

Hour 2

Actor James Woods Scuffles With JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon on X in His Usual Amusing Way

The CDC is trying to convince healthcare workers that surgical masks are just as good as N95s and they are having none of it

‘Body Positivity’ Is Literally Killing People, Science Finds

Asteroid hit by NASA’s DART spacecraft is behaving unexpectedly, high school class discovers

NASA predicts large asteroid could smash into Earth in 159 years

Battery Scientists Claim Breakthrough, 10-Minute Fast Charging For 1,500 Cycles

Hour 3

Interview: Clifton French

Mollie Hemingway translates AG Garland’s claim that he’s ‘not the president’s lawyer’

Feds thwarted probe into possible ‘criminal violations’ involving 2020 Biden campaign, agents say

Cracking Coalition? Polish President Duda Snubs Zelensky at U.N., Calls Ukraine a ‘Drowning Man’

Black Lives Matter Protests Led To 11.5% Increase In Murders, Thousands Of Additional Deaths, Study Shows


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