September 15, 2023

Daily Show Prep: Friday, Sept. 15

Hour 1

United Auto Workers go on strike against Ford, GM, Stellantis

U.S. Chamber blames Biden for encouraging UAW strike that now threatens economy

Ford Motor Net Income 2010-2023 | F

General Motors Net Income 2010-2023 | GM

Stellantis Net Income 2014-2023 | STLA

Light vehicle retail sales in the United States from 1976 to 2022

Biden Drops New Origin Story, Tells Rabbis on High Holy Days Call About Being ‘Raised’ in Synagogues

Hunter Biden indicted on federal gun charges

Hour 2

Open Lines

Hour 3

Suicide ruling upheld for Philly teacher found with 20 stab wounds but judges slam ‘deeply flawed’ investigation


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