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Daily Show Prep: Thursday, May 11

Hour 1

How it started …

Byron Donalds takes on ENTIRE CNN panel after Trump’s town hall and WHOOPS them all (watch)

CNN’s ‘gotcha’ question for Trump town hall focus group goes so VERY WRONG … for CNN (watch)

Hour 2

College Football Nat’l Champs U.Ga. Reject Biden Invitation to White House

FLASHBACK: Media Said Gas Stove Bans Were a Right-Wing Conspiracy

Democrat AGs Support Gas-Stove Bans Nationwide

National Park Service Outsources Website, Loses $140M

Biden Admin To Release Illegal Immigrants ‘En Masse’ Without Tracking Technology, Court Dates

Migrant Kids’ Caretakers Not Vetted for Sex-Offender Status

Hour 3

CNN CEO Chris Licht’s Trump town hall take ‘explains everything that is wrong with’ journalism today