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Daily Show Prep: Thurs, March 16

Hour 1

REPORT: Pelosi Needed Jan. 6 ‘Emergency’ to Fulfill 2020 Coup

US video shows moment Russian fighter jet collides with US drone

Who Blew Up Nord Stream? Investigators Focus on Six Mysterious Passengers on a Yacht

No one seems to believe this new ‘theory.’

Hour 2

Kellogg Pledged $91 Million To Racial Division While Slashing Employee Benefits

Organizing Your Pantry is Racist and Sexist, College Professor Says

Fed’s interest rate history: A look at the fed funds rate from the 1980s to the present

Hour 3

‘Horrifying’: Huge Proportion Of Children Pursuing Gender Transitions Are Actually Autistic, Experts Believe

XXXtra Credit: Oregon Teacher Asks Students To Describe Erotic Fantasies and Identify Sexually Attractive Classmates