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Daily Show Prep: Monday, Feb. 6

Hour 1

Pete Buttigieg Rules Out U.S. Senate Run for Michigan Seat in 2024

How Dare You: Indignant China (Again) Lashes U.S. for Shooting Down Balloon

Chinese spy balloons over US during Trump admin ‘discovered after’ he left office: senior Biden official

Third Chinese spy balloon is ‘operating near US interests’ – but officials won’t say where, after shooting down first balloon off South Carolina coast

Report: WH knew about the Chinese spy balloon a week ago but opted to hope nobody would notice it

Report: Over 800K Border Crossers Freed into U.S. Without Court Dates Since Biden Took Office

Report: High School Swimmer Disqualified from Race Due to Oversized American Flag on Cap

Hour 2

Western Powers ‘Blocked’ Ceasefire Early in Ukraine War: Former Israeli Prime Minister

Man Sues JetBlue Over ‘Lets Go Brandon’ Mask

Hour 3

Facebook and Instagram delete Project Veritas video confronting YouTube executive over censorship

No WORDS! Pfizer dir. EXPOSED by Project Veritas admitting vaccine tie to #Pfertility issues and more

US Economy Loses $12 Trillion to COVID Lockdowns, Mandatory Business Closures Cited as Top Reason

Bob Woodward’s scathing remarks on media’s Russiagate coverage largely met with silence from NY Times, WaPo