Daily Show Prep: Wed, Jan. 11


Hour 1

Joe Biden Orders Pete Buttigieg and Federal Aviation Administration to Turn Flight System Back on After Catastrophic Outage

Pete Buttigieg’s Priorities Created the Air Traffic Nightmare Today and Joe Biden Is Letting Him Skate

No, new study does not link gas stoves with asthma in children

Never mind: CPSC chair says they have no plans to ban gas stoves, you silly geese

Hour 2

Chef AOC’s warning about gas stoves gets whipped up into the ‘best self-own ever’

“Landmark” lawsuit accuses mainstream media of forming coalition to censor “misinformation”

In-N-Out Burger expanding east, will open in Tennessee

Kinzinger: House GOP Investigating DOJ, FBI ‘Something Akin to McCarthyism’

FBI reveals it uses CIA and NSA to spy on Americans

Democrats lying about IRS audits

Feds Borrowed $4 Billion Per Day In 2022, Totaling $10K Per Household

Hour 3

Interview: Matt Chaffee – PHM school board member

Casey teases breaking news that new classified documents were found in Biden’s possession.

Matt Gaetz Just Sneaked Something in the Rules Package to Make C-SPAN More Entertaining

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