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Daily Show Prep: Monday, Jan. 23

Hour 1

ABC/Ipsos poll: Most say Biden and Trump inappropriately handled classified documents

BREAKING: DOJ Searches Biden’s Home, Additional Classified Documents Found – Including From His Time in Senate

Report: White House, DOJ Agreed to Hide Classified Document Scandal

Media Claims ‘Largely Peaceful Protest’ in Atlanta, Mayor Quickly Demolishes That

‘Mostly Peaceful’ Again: CNN Guest Claims Atlanta Antifa Riot Wasn’t ‘Violent’

Atlanta insurrectionists tied to the DNC

Hour 2

Alumni upset as new Brandywine school board seeks oversight of sex ed, ‘explicit’ books

FLASHBACK: LGBTQ org. has hit piece written about RNM for exposing their targeting of children — Org.’s Board member is VP of media outlet

South Bend, Indiana to Subsidize Importing Foreign H-1B Visa Workers for White-Collar Jobs

Airline CEO Admits Ticket Scam Permitted By Buttigieg

Disney Goes to Extreme Measures to Save Struggling ‘Star Wars’ Hotel

Hour 3

1st small modular nuclear reactor certified for use in US

The 10 Best Places To Live While Saving For A Home

Ex ‘top FBI agent’ who investigated Trump for ties to Russia arrested over alleged ties to Russia