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Redpilling Liberal Journalists

It’s happening more and more.


Some journalists are beginning to realize that censorship and misinformation from the political left is a problem. This has been happening for a few years, and it provides the political right with a lot of ammunition. The new Elon Twitter may help to shake things up and change the way social networks operate.

Elizabeth Emery is a popular left-wing writer who recently wrote an article for a right-wing publication titled The Erasure of Women from Online Pregnancy Literature. In the article, she criticizes gender activists who pretend that men can give birth. She is not alone in this belief, as many other left-wing writers have left their publications due to censorship of their beliefs.

The person in the conversation is discussing journalist Matt Taibbi, and how he recently wrote a piece on the difference between how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have handled election denial. They mention how Taibbi has been critical of Russia gate in the past, and how he left Rolling Stone magazine as a result of the harassment he received for his beliefs. They also compare the current situation to Orwell’s 1984, where the Ministry of Truth is constantly rewriting history.

The person being interviewed is talking about the book 1984 and how it relates to what is happening in society today. They say that in the book, history is being rewritten and that is what is happening in society today. They say that people are being lied to and that Trump did not cause the riot on January 6.


0:00:00 Why Some Journalists are Waking Up to the Truth

0:01:46 The Right’s Relationship with Censorship

0:03:35 Matt Taibbi on the Election Denial of Hillary vs Trump
0:06:17 The Truth About Rewriting History
0:07:51 Censorship of Matt Orphalia’s Videos by YouTube
0:12:42 The Dangers of Election Denial
0:14:36 FDA Lied in Court About Telling People to Stop Taking Ivermectin for COVID-19

0:16:35 Ivermectin for COVID-19: FDA’s Statements on Off-Label Use

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