Daily Show Prep: Thursday, Nov. 10


Hour 1

Katie Hobbs Again Rejects Kari Lake’s Call to Recuse Herself From Oversight of Arizona Race

Maricopa County starts hand-count audit, as 400,000 ballots still remain uncounted

Republicans Have Won 6 Million More Votes than Democrats in House Races, But Gained Relatively Few Seats

Here’s A List Of Major GOP Wins From Last Night That Legacy Media Won’t Tell You About

Republicans pick up 3 New York House seats with Long Island sweep and defeat of DCCC chair

Here are the congressional seats that have flipped in the midterm elections

Exit Polls: GOP Gains Among Latino Voters

Report: ‘Knives Are Out’ For Kevin McCarthy After GOP’s Lackluster Midterm Performance

Scalise announces bid for House majority leader

Unmarried women broke for Democrats by 37 points…

Hour 2

Ontario school board decides it’s totally okay for the “trans” shop teacher to wear ginormous fake breasts to school

Delphi murder suspect pens letter from jail ‘begging’ for public defender and says his wife ‘has had to abandon’ their home ‘for her personal safety’

KFC apologizes for promotion remembering notorious Nazi attack on Jews and telling Germans to ‘treat’ themselves to cheesy chicken

Kyle Rittenhouse, Catturd, and Libs of TikTok get blue verification badges as Elon Musk rolls out new $7.99 per month Twitter Blue subscription

Over 40 black leaders, journalists reportedly demand meeting with MSNBC president — who also is black — over ouster of far-left host Tiffany Cross

Hour 3

Swalwell says parent oversight of education like ‘putting patients in charge of their own surgeries’

Fact: Homeschooled kids perform 15-30 points better than the average public school student.

Fact: Homeschooled kids are also more well-adjusted than public school kids.

FDA claims about boosters and kids branded ‘misinformation,’ research questions youth vaccination

COVID-19 Mortality in England ‘Extremely Rare’ Among Under-20s: Official Study

Long-Term Organ Damage After COVID-19 Vaccines Emerging in Medical Literature

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