Daily Show Prep: Thurs, Sept. 1


Hour 1

Joe Biden’s Ghost Gun ‘Ban’ Lasted Less Than A Minute

Report — FBI Agents Have ‘Lost Confidence’ in Director Wray: ‘He’s Got to Leave’

Can’t make it up: California asks residents to stop charging electric cars on strained grid the week after passing a law to ban gas-powered cars

Police Scotland bought electric vehicles, but not chargers for them


Hour 2

Interview: Rob Roeder for District 3 Goshen School Board.


Bed Bath & Beyond Goes Broke: Retailer to Shutter Stores, Cut Staff After Cancelling MyPillow Last Year

BREAKING: Bombshell Documents Show Biden Admin. Colluding With Social Media Companies To Censor Free Speech

Hour 3

Amazon Faces Suit Over $10k Offer Made Exclusively to ‘Black, Latinx, and Native American Entrepreneurs’


‘Think Like a White Man’ author deletes tweets defaming Laurence Fox as racist, issues apology

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