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Daily Show Prep: Thursday, Aug. 11

Hour 1

Oversight Republicans demand National Archives head explain agency’s role in Trump raid ↗

Federal Judge Orders DOJ to Provide Copy of Trump Raid Warrant

They are only releasing the warrant because they were ordered to do so yesterday.

Judge who issued FBI raid warrant on Mar-a-Lago rules DOJ must respond to suit seeking to unseal it

Obama, Nixon delayed for years in returning Presidential Records Act-covered documents

Judge who authorized Mar-a-Lago search previously recused self from Trump-Clinton lawsuit

Sen. Ron Johnson invites FBI, DOJ whistleblowers to come forward after raid on Trump’s home

House GOP demands FBI explain reports they reclassified cases to fit Biden admin narrative.

Majority of Republicans, independents believe Trump’s enemies orchestrated FBI raid

Trump spokeswoman: ‘We don’t have a real justice system anymore’

Hour 2

Fed study: Ending pandemic unemployment aid spurred ‘substantial rise’ in employment

‘I couldn’t believe my eyes.. i knew i wasn’t going crazy’: Chipotle customer says they ‘caught’ worker fulfilling online orders with ‘half spoons’

F-150 Lightning, will become 17 percent more expensive

Hour 3

Trump raid.

IRS job posting for Criminal Investigation agent: ‘Be willing to use deadly force, if necessary’

Indian Motorcycle Sales Director Hints At Electrification Strategy

EXCLUSIVE: CDC Admits It Gave False Information About COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance