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Daily Show Prep: Monday, Aug. 29

Hour 1

Trump Team Points out How the Affidavit Raises ‘More Questions Than Answers’

Read Paul Sperry’s thread on the FBI Mar-A-Lago raid issues:

FBI Only Makes Itself Look Worse When It Defends Itself Against Mark Zuckerberg’s Hunter Laptop Claims

Ex-F.B.I. Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Doctoring Email in Russia Inquiry

Former FBI Agent Pleads Guilty to Destroying Evidence In Case Against Pro-Trump Lawmaker

Hour 2 & 3

Three Signs We’re in a Banana Republic

Liberals try to cancel ‘Euphoria’ star Sydney Sweeney because guests at her mother’s birthday party wore ‘MAGA-inspired hats’ and ‘blue lives matter’ shirts

The Michigan GOP Could Learn Something From Andrew Breitbart’s Unity Speech

Nebraskan Democrats accuse Republicans of posting child porn … for posting pics from a trans book currently available in school libraries

Gabby Giffords’ Gun Control Groups Ask Major Credit Cards to Flag Gun, Ammo Purchases