June 22, 2022

Daily Show Prep: Wed, June 22

Hour 1

Chevron Levels Biden With a Little Honesty, Biden Reveals How Petty He Is in Response

Biden wants to suspend the gas tax instead of opening pipelines. Here are ideas for what you could buy with the 18 cents a gallon you’ll save!

Democrats balk at Biden’s push for gas tax holiday: ‘shortsighted and inefficient’

Republicans blast Biden’s gas tax holiday as ‘fake fix’

Horowitz: America’s oil refinery crisis as the bottleneck to energy freedom

FLASHBACK: Democrats Attack Bill to Boost Refineries

FLASHBACK: Democrat Seeking ‘Price-Fixing’ Probe of Oil Refineries Not Sure How Many Are Run by ‘Big Oil’

Will Any New Refineries Be Built in the United States?

No New Refineries in 29 Years? There Might Well Be a Reason

These twenty-five Biden administration policies are raising energy costs

At the 3 minute mark you will start to hear Sen. Todd Young defend voting for the Democrat’s gun control bill. Including admitting he didn’t read it before he voted for it.


Hour 2

Four Troublesome Provisions in the Senate Gun Bill – and a ‘Be on the Lookout’ Warning


IT GETS EVEN WORSE: Slain Uvalde teacher called her cop husband after she was shot and he tried to get in to save her, but the other police stopped him and took his gun away

Hour 3

Democrat Andrew Gillum Just Charged With 21 Felonies Related To Gubernatorial Campaign He Lost To Ron DeSantis


Over 1,000 Southwest pilots gathered outside Love Field in Dallas to protest staffing shortages and insane working hours

Why Is the Army Rushing to Repaint Its Desert-Camo Vehicles Green?


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