Daily Show Prep: Tues, June 7

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Hour 1

White House Fails to Issue Official D-Day Proclamation Again – but Homeownership Got an Entire Month

Cheney: January 6 Probe Found Evidence of ‘Extremely Broad,’ Chilling ‘Conspiracy’

Bernstein: January 6 Probe Has ‘Really Convincing Evidence’ Trump Attempted a Coup

The ‘J’ in J6 Stands for ‘Joke,’ as the Committee Leans Heavily on Produced Theatrics

Liz Cheney Tries To Extract Campaign Cash From J6 Witness Subpoenaed By Her Committee

Department of Justice Declines to Prosecute Meadows, Scavino, Dealing Blow to January 6 Committee

Dershowitz: The Indictment of Peter Navarro Is Unconstitutional

Democrats Admit the Real Reason for the Sham January 6th Committee

Ex-Proud Boys leader and other members hit with sedition charges: feds

The FBI comes up empty-handed in its search for a Jan. 6 plot

Hour 2

Gay Pro-Baseball Player Loses It Over Rays Refusing To Wear LGBTQ ‘Pride Night’ Logo, Trashes Faith Concerns, Deems Players Homophobic

FLASHBACK: Pregnant Woman Used AR-15 to Drop Armed Robber Attacking Her 11-Year-Old Daughter

Packin’ heat: Nude Hunter Biden cavorts with hooker, illegal gun in latest mess for president

Former employee accuses Media Matters of ‘covering up’ sexual misconduct scandal, then is hit with legal threat

Hour 3

Paramount Studios sued over ‘Top Gun’ copyright

U.S. to start interviewing asylum-seekers at two Texas detention sites under new policy

Largest Ever Migrant Caravan Heading to United States

99% of Asylum Claims Fail at ‘Dedicated Docket’

FAIR Comments on Rule Designed to Encourage More Illegal Immigration and Fraudulent Asylum Claims

Disney Doubles Down On LGBTQ Programming With ‘Lightyear’ And More

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