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Daily Show Prep: Monday, May 16

Topics on today's show.

Hour 1

Meet the Retired Officer Who Died Unloading His Gun Into the Buffalo Shooter But Couldn’t Overcome His Armor

Alleged gunman in California church shooting identified by police

Must-Read: Abbott Fires Back After Alarming Psaki Claim About Their Baby Formula

Hour 2

Just a few years ago, you were encouraged to make formula at home. Not so much now.

Why Doctors Don’t Recommend Homemade Baby Formula

Could it be that this is designed to set up an environmentally friendly white night?

Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Other Billionaires Invest in Environmentally-Friendly Artificial Breast Milk Cultured From Human Mammary

Exclusive: Rep. Stefanik Blasts Biden Administration for Formula Shortage, Says FDA has Known About Threat Since February

Pelosi Snaps After Top Republican Blames Baby Formula Shortage On Democrats Shipping It To The Border

Study Finds Cleaner Air Leads to More Atlantic Hurricanes

Hour 3

Current Diesel Fuel Shortage Worse Than 1970s Fuel Crisis, Will Accelerate Potential Food Supply Catastrophe

The Saga of CNN+ Somehow Manages to Get Even More Hilarious




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