Daily Show Prep: Wed, April 20


Hour 1


BREAKING: Florida’s Senate Passes Bill To End Disney’s Self Governance

Biden Unilaterally Disarms in Space Fight, ‘Handicaps’ Ability To Deter Russia

Biden’s Air Force Crafts New Mission: Create a ‘Safe Space’ for Airmen To Share Feelings


BREAKING: New Mexico Fines ‘Rust’ Production Company Max Penalty Over Alec Baldwin-Involved Shooting

Poland to Pfizer: Yeah, That Vax Contract We Signed? We’re Not Going to Honor It

FDA Admits Prenatal Screening Tests Are Often Wrong, Leading Parents To Make ‘Inappropriate Health Care Decisions’ Like Abortion

Hour 2

FREE Admission to SB Drag Show for Kids 4-AND-UNDER — Pete Buttigieg Major Supporter of Organization

‘The Family Sex Show’ — sex-ed production aimed at kids as young as 5 that features ‘non-sexual nudity’ — canceled in UK after ‘unprecedented threats’

National math council calls on schools to focus on social justice in their mathematics lessons to combat ‘privilege’ and ‘oppression’

A few days ago this was a ‘conspiracy theory’ after Florida rejected math books doing just this.

Coca-Cola Hosts Earth Day Event With Democrat Who Says Jews Control Weather

Russian and Belorussian Tennis Players Will be Barred from Wimbledon

Hour 3

Washington Post lies in defense of Taylor Lorenz

Horowitz: Walgreens recorded who tested positive for COVID, and the results might surprise you








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