March 31, 2022

Daily Show Prep: Thurs, March 31

Hour 1

Medical student who implied she stuck patient twice for mocking pronoun pin no longer working with patients

Watch Live: President Joe Biden Delivers Remarks on Lowering Gas Prices

Everything Biden said is a lie. You don’t need anything more said.

U.S. to issue gender-neutral “X” passports

FINALLY: Finding Holds DNC and Hillary Clinton Campaign Accountable for Dossier Hoax

Is Paul Pelosi Jr. as Big a Con Artist as Hunter Biden?

Hour 2

Kevin McCarthy Tries To Silence Madison Cawthorn For Discussing Political Cocaine Orgy Scene

Weird plot twist in Kevin McCarthy-Madison Cawthorn cocaine and orgy saga

Tillis endorses Cawthorn’s primary challenger

Disney won’t say if it’s keeping princes and princesses as ‘boys and girls’ gets chopped

Hour 3

Pin Posts

Pin Posts

Watch: Chuck Todd admits that Democrats are heading for a “shellacking” in November as 71% of voters think we’re heading in the wrong direction

Walgreens is getting ready to deploy an army of robot pharmacists that can fill as many prescriptions in one hour as a team of humans can do in one day

Over 60,000 voters on NC rolls are dead, registered twice or enrolled in other state, report warns






  1. Hillary Clinton Fined By FEC For Lying About Trump Dossier - Thurs, March 31 - The Burning Truth - […] Daily Show Prep: Thurs, March 31 […]

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