April 27, 2020

Documents Show China Knew We Were Dealing With Pandemic And Lied To The World. April 16 – Hour 1


We now know the story the protestors blocked hospitals was false.


Protests erupt outside Capitol over Beshear’s handling of pandemic, disrupting briefing

Replay: Vehicle protests at Michigan Capitol over Gov. Whitmer stay home order

Bombshell: Documents Show China Knew About Coronavirus Human-to-Human Transmission While Denying It to the World

WHO Chief Said In February Coronavirus Could Be ‘Controlled Easily’ And Praised Xi Jinping’s ‘Personal Leadership’



Bloomberg Colluded w/China to Suppress Story

Dem Powerbroker David Brock’s Group Got $100K Gift of Chinese Internet Firm’s Stock

Trump Warns That He Might Adjourn Both House and Senate Amid Pandemic

Ruling in 1947 affirming the President’s authority to do this


Half Of American Workers Would Rather Work From Home Forever



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