PHM School Board Has Parent Arrested Who Exposed PHM Breaking The Law

Editor’s Note:

I’ve updated the article to reflect that Andy Rutten was asked a question by Jerry Hawkins and not a ‘school board member.’


Andy Rutten just confirmed to me that PHM has served him with a no trespass order. This means he can no longer attend any school function, including board meetings. Andy has a child in the PHM school district.

Real News Michiana has done it again.

We have a school district here called Penn Harris Madison (PHM). It was considered one of the best school districts in the state of Indiana prior to COVID.

A parent (Andy Rutten​) was arrested at the school board meeting last night for requesting to go over time to present how PHM wasn’t being honest about a proposed tax increase.

This just so happens to be the same parent who filed a complaint with the State of Indiana exposing how PHM was violating state law by using a Superintendent Advisory Council (SAC) to avoid the meeting being open and available to the public. PHM has been using the SAC to secretly promote CRT in the school district.

Members of the SAC are appointed by the superintendent and not elected by the people. PHM argued that since the SAC members weren’t elected, the public had no right to know what happened in the meetings. This same strategy is being used all over the country by school districts.

Indiana’s Public Access Counselor (PAC) ruled that the SAC did, in fact, violate Indiana state law and PHM was required to open them to the public this month. So far, PHM has refused to make the contents of the previous SAC meetings, held in secret, public.

Here’s the video of the arrest:

Yes, he refused to leave the podium after he was asked to. However, other people were allowed to go over time at this meeting and it is a common occurrence that people will go over a little during the PHM meetings.

Secondly, he was asked a question by Jerry Hawkins, the school board accountant. This took about 30-seconds of the parent’s 3 minute time limit and he should have been allowed to continue at least that much longer.

Many people feel that this was targeted because he’s the one who exposed the SAC was breaking the law and wouldn’t have been arrested if he were someone else.


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