Daily Show Prep: Thurs, June 9


Hour 1

School resource officer shoots, kills ‘suspicious person’ outside Alabama school

‘Highest ever recorded’: Average gas prices surpass $5 per gallon in US

GOP Senators Release Documents Showing Biden Admin Lied About Disinfo Board

Ex-Dem Congressman Who Took Abscam Bribes Admits To Rigging Philly Elections

Protesters Return To Kavanaugh’s Home Night After Murder Attempt

‘Playing With Fire’: Rubio Shreds Democrats For ‘Encouraging’ Would-Be Kavanaugh Assassin

Democrat Says She Thinks She Is Only Rep Who Has Been A Victim Of Gun Violence, Appears To Forget Steve Scalise Was A Victim Of Gun Violence

Liberal Media Predictably Downplays or Ignores Threat to Justice Kavanaugh

Joy Behar Claims Gun Laws Will Change ‘Once Black People Get Guns’ — But Nearly 1 In 4 Already Do

Hour 2

After Sending $40 Billion To Ukraine, US Officials Are Only Now Raising Red Flags

The US Military Is Almost Completely Dependent On China For Key Mineral Used In Ammunition: REPORT

Buttigieg: Republicans’ Answer to Inflation Is ‘Going to War with Mickey Mouse’

Fact Check False

Hour 3

WSJ, ABC News: FDA knew about baby formula whistleblower complaint in February … 2021

As gas prices surge, Michigan sheriff asks deputies to manage some dispatch calls by phone

Here’s the economic data Biden doesn’t want you to see

Support For Banning Semi-Automatic Long Guns Hits All-Time Low: Left-Of-Center Poll

‘Feels Like A Threat’: Sydney Sweeney’s Tiny Outfit At Award Show Riles Up ‘Body Positivity’ Activists

FBI Raids Home Of Michigan GOP Gubernatorial Candidate And Whitmer Challenger, Takes Him Into Custody: Report

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