November 10, 2023

Daily Show Prep: Friday, Nov. 10

Hour 1

Shots Fired: Kevin McCarthy Says Nancy Mace Hasn’t ‘Earned the Right to Get Reelected’

Embarrassing: Biden Admin Announces Agreement on ‘Pauses,’ but Israel Swiftly Sweeps a Leg on Claim

Israel says nothing new as White House says it agreed to daily 4-hour humanitarian pause

Senate Republicans Launch Investigation Into Justice Department for Spying on Congressional Staffers

The 2A is ALIVE! Federal judge revokes ATF pistol-brace ban “in its entirety” and Colion Noir has the deets

‘Interesting’: Steven Crowder points out the problem after Nashville PD puts seven officers on desk duty over manifesto leak

Hour 2

CONFIRMED: The RNC Refused to Spend Money in VA, McDaniel Refuses to Accept Responsibility

Interview: County Councilwoman Amy Drake on going on offense and not moving to the center

FBI Set to Build New HQ after 70 Republicans Defeat Amendment to Defund Project

Hour 3

U.S. House passes bill saying Pete Buttigieg shouldn’t get paid more than $1. Here are a few of his ideas that suggest $1 is too much.

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