August 24, 2023

Daily Show Prep: Wed, Aug. 23

Hour 1

Man removed from Fort Worth ISD board meeting while reading book pulled from shelves

Russian Wagner Group warlord Prigozhin was on plane that crashed, killing 10, officials say

Modelo topples Bud Light to become America’s best-selling beer for the year

Hour 2

Family Criminally Charged After Turning In 178 Tons of Recyclable Cans and Bottles – California Didn’t Like This

India nails lunar landing, becoming first nation to park a spacecraft on moon’s south pole

Disney fan site says ‘climate change’ is causing less attendance at parks, ignores price jumps

No Charges for Mich. Hero Who Shot at Would-Be Robber While Holding 6-Pack

Hour 3

Trump PAC Trolls GOP Debate w/ ‘Vice Presidential Debate 2024’

Names of Maui’s 1,000+ missing to be released by FBI later this week

CNN Pummeled for Praising Biden’s Performance at ‘Evil’ and ‘Vile’ Maui Visit


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