Daily Show Prep: Tuesday, Aug. 22

Podcast – Reporter Attacking ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Advocates For Pedophiles

Hour 1

Biden’s Vacation in Lake Tahoe Now Being Investigated, as People Question Whether He Fell Asleep in Maui

He didn’t fall asleep but appears to have some minor medical episode.

Watch: Hawaiians Greet Joe Biden’s Motorcade with Middle Fingers

‘He’s Too Late’: Maui Residents Line Up To Protest Biden’s Visit

‘Read the room:’ Biden jokes about the ‘hot ground’ while observing Maui fire damage

Biden Compares Own Kitchen Fire to Maui Fires That Killed 115

Hawaii Resident: Biden Is a ‘Vile Human Being’ for Joking about Corvette When ‘There Were Children Who Were Incinerated Into Ash’

Interview: Tuesday Tithe with Pastor Lucas Miles

Spanish Official Admits Arson the Cause for Tenerife Wildfires Despite ‘Climate Crisis’ Media Narrative

Hour 2

Larry Hogan says No Labels would likely launch 2024 campaign if Trump and Biden win their nominations

Guest frustrates CNN host when he calls out deceptively edited video clip of Ron DeSantis: ‘It is not correct’

Interview: Thomas Payne, Brandywine Community Schools Board President

Hour 3

COVID Mandates Return to Hollywood: Lionsgate Requires Employees to Mask Up, Submit to Daily Testing

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