Daily Show Prep: Tuesday, Feb. 21


Hour 1

Another train derails in Midwest as Pete Buttigieg announces visit to Ohio crash site

Don Lemon to undergo ‘formal training’ after sexist remarks about Nikki Haley, will be back on CNN Wednesday

BREAKING: Female staffers at CNN threaten to walk if Don Lemon not fired

Hour 2

January 6 Committee Howls as Kevin McCarthy Gives Footage to Tucker Carlson

Man is CURED of HIV: ‘Düsseldorf patient’ becomes third in world to be confirmed free of Aids-causing virus after undergoing risky transplant that simultaneously beat his cancer

Raquel Evita Saraswati, who claimed Arab, South Asian, Latin descent, outed by her own mom: ‘White as driven snow’

Sensitive US military emails spill online

Hour 3

CDC Updates Profile For Vinyl Chloride Days Before Ohio Train Derailment, And Removes Section On How It Affects Children

Study: 70% of Suspects Freed from Jail Without Bail Arrested for More Crimes

Meta Launching Paid Verified Accounts for Instagram and Facebook, Starting at $12 per Month

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