Daily Show Prep: Thursday, Feb. 2


Hour 1

FLASHBACK: MSNBC, CNN, CBS told viewers Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation

Biden claims that Hunter laptop was ‘Russian disinformation’ debunked by his own son

Classified documents found in retired Air Force officer’s home

Ilhan Omar gets desperate in futile effort to stay on committee; House Dems beclown themselves, too

Hour 2

Feds hit former ABC News producer with child porn charges, disturbing details revealed in court docs

Missouri AG doubles down on firing school officials who took students to drag show: ‘It’s a huge problem’

‘Cities were burned’: Republicans want a commission for Antifa riots, submit bill to study domestic terrorist attacks

EXCLUSIVE: Antifa claims responsibility for attack on far-left Portland bar in retaliation for them ‘spreading Covid’ by staying open

Hour 3

Video: TV Journalists Flat-Out Lying About Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Scientists look to bring back dodo bird after hundreds of years

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