Daily Show Prep: Tues, Jan. 10


Hour 1

Fisher-Price Recalls Rock’n Play Sleepers Again After Seat Now Linked To Over 100 Baby Deaths

Media Already Trying to Spin for Biden Having Classified Docs (Compared to Trump)

President Biden ignores question on why classified documents were found at his think tank

Those Questions About China and the Penn Biden Center Where the Classified Docs Were Found

New Republican House Votes To ‘Repeal The Democrats’ Army Of 87,000 IRS Agents’

Investigation reveals HUNDREDS of Chicago Public School teachers sexually groomed, assaulted, and raped students last year.

Hour 2

Interview: Henry Davis Jr. on his reparations resolution in South Bend

Hour 3

John Deere agreed to allow farmers to fix their own tractors

Biden’s War on Cooks: President Moves To Ban Gas Stoves

‘Trust the Science’ Takes Another Hit After Woke ‘Scientific American’ Magazine Strikes Again

Shock: NYU Study Finds Russian Trolls Had Little to No Impact on Trump’s 2016 Election

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