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Daily Show Prep: Thurs, June 23

Hour 1

Supreme Court strikes down New York law restricting concealed carry permits

Clarence Thomas Delivers the Second Amendment’s Greatest Victory Yet

Biden Condemns Supreme Court Gun Ruling

Gun Rights Groups Explain The Problems With Gun Control Bill That 14 GOP Senators Caved On

Pennsylvania Republicans just deep-sixed a proposed gun control bill by turning it into a universal concealed carry law 😂

Man Shot Dead Trying To Rob Texas Gun Store Armed With Knife

‘Checking privilege in the animal kingdom’: Biologists investigate animal ‘inequality’

Hour 2

FDA Halts Sales of Juul E-cigarettes

Food and Drug Administration’s War on Juul Is Asinine

GOP challengers seize on Michigan Gov. Whitmer’s ‘menstruating people’ comments

Hey women, a new woke term for you just dropped!

Hour 3

Why Womxn with a ‘X’ ?

Democrats Call for “Satanic Schools” Following Supreme Court Decision on Education Funding

Bloomberg: Charter Schools Outperform Public Alternative, Unions Largely to Blame

Former Cattle Owner In Kansas Explains Freak Heat Incident That Killed Thousands Of Cattle

Chasten Buttigieg Throws Fit Over Rep. Boebert Post Honoring Dads