After PHM Caught Breaking The Law, They Are Opening Diversity And Inclusion Meeting To The Public

PHM finally decides to adhere to state law after violating it to hide their agenda from parents.

We’ve been talking about how local school districts have been using SAC meetings in secret to hide from the general public what they are doing in schools. PHM (Penn-Harris-Madison) were one of the districts using this tactic.

In March, the state of Indiana informed PHM they were violating state law in doing so.

Now … via Real News Michiana:

The Penn Harris Madison School Corporation is having its first PUBLIC meeting of the Superintendent’s Advisory Council (SAC) on Monday night. The SAC was developed in 2020 following the death of George Floyd and the ensuing Black Lives Matter riots. Since its creation, SAC meetings had been illegally held in secret, closed-door sessions. Parental complaints about the illegal meetings lead to an investigation by the State of Indiana. The state eventually notified the school district that it must allow the public to attend the SAC meetings.


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